My work finds me in all manner of places. On the road with touring bands, among the cameras and lights of film sets, in a field with horses or on wild beautiful coastal locations. But at the end of the day it doesn't matter where you are what matters is that 'moment' the one where everything falls into place, the trick of the light, a look in an eye and you know you have the shot.

Photography is capturing a fleeting moment, the sense of a person within a portrait, the cold air on your face in the landscape or the sound of screaming fans beside themselves with adoration for the band. These images are both work and personal, I try to make them with equal measures of heart and respect.

Sarah Enticknap
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Client List

ABC, Australian Physiotherapy Association, Aquarius Films, Bell Shakespeare Company, Blah Blah Blah Touring Inc, Dear Gladys, De Longhi, Elbow, EMI, Everguide, Faster Louder, Grass Roots Yoga, Icebergs Bondi Beach, Foxtel, Live Nation, Loco Group, Matchbox Pictures, MediaCom, Melbourne City Mission, McCleod Casting, Reclink Community Cup, Revlon, Sony, The Yoga Foundation